Screw you, 2016 was my best year yet!

For many people 2016 was a year to be forgotten. For me, it was my best year yet. As an ambitious person I often find myself so focused on my goals (what I don’t have yet) that sometimes I create depression in my own mind. So in an attempt to be more grateful for all of the amazing things in my life I went back through 2016, month by month, and documented all of the things I am grateful for. A lot of them are career achievements like: having my first network TV acting and writing debut and having our digital series The Post Post Apocalypse featured on FunnyOrDie, but there are also a number of personal milestones that fostered the relationships of both friends and family that really stuck out to me the most. If you’re reading this I hope you see the power of being grateful. I really helps me stay on track.

2016 in review:


I traveled to the Caribbean and got to perform stand-up comedy on my first cruise ship.

The Vikings were the NFC champs.

I started playing ping pong.

I booked my trip to Israel and Europe

I took a screenwriting class at UCLA.

Greg Berman moved out to LOS ANGELES.


I made my network TV writing and acting debut.

Greg and I drove to Mexico for my birthday and I went to a rub and tug and got no tug.

Bowers came to LA and I saw O-town perform.

Ethan came to visit and I really stepped up my ping pong game.


3 year anniversary of The Secret Show at The Blind Barber

My Mom came to visit me in LA

Finished beat sheet for Disorder

Got my movie poster game on fleek.

Went to Israel

The Inspectors was nominated for 6 Emmys.

Went to Jerusalem and floated in the dead sea.


Back was hurting started using yoga balls

Went to Amsterdam, Brussels and Prague.

Took mushrooms in Prague

Ate at my first at my first Michelin Star restaurant in Prague

Mom and Dad came to visit. Dad gave me my chess board

Started writing on Season 2 of The Inspectors

I was on LAUGHS on Fox

The Inspectors WINS 1 Emmy

Shot the first POST POST Apocalypse episodes.


Did the Gundo Comedy Festival w/ The Secret Show at The Blind Barber.

Started volunteering with the WGA

Got to see a Twins game in Mpls.

Prince died.


We ended the stale mate with our land lord

My Always Sunny spec became a finalist in the UCLA writing contest.

Started boogie boarding

Cleveland won the NBA playoffs

Got to go to Minnesota and be on Lake Minnetonka

Mohammed Ali died


Spent July 4th at Manhattan beach

Grandparents came to visit

I was on LAUGHS on FOX again.

Finished first draft of Disorder script.

Saw Louie CK and the Forum

Shot a video for MGFAD for Sundance

Shot more episodes of POST POST

Saw PHISH at The Forum

Larry from Eagle Magic came out, went to Magic Castle

Went to Rain room at LACMA


Met Steven Knight writer/creator of Peaky Blinders at WGA in LA

Did a table read for DISORDER, 4 people cried

Became friends with Phyllis

Ellen Rock came from MN to live at our house.

Read Inside the Room

Did Laugh’s on FOX for a 3rd time in 1 year.

Booked my trip to S.E. ASIA

Re-connected with Mercies May


Took my first Improv class at UCB

Started Golfing again

Spent lots of time at the beach

Did a bunch of re-writes on Disorder

Re-met up with Dylan Mandolson


Released the POST POST and was featured on FUNNYorDie

Performed at The Laugh Factory

Went to a cubs / dodgers playoff game

Finished DISORDER and sent it to agents.

Went to the Tourbadour with Brian G. for the first time


Cubs won the world series.

Trump won the election

Watched the results at the official Hilary Clinton campaign party in LA. with Ken and Nogen and Mike

Went to the Magic Castle with Ted and his girl.

Finished outline for HEIST IS RIGHT

My buddy Robert Stevens came to town.

Read the book the Psychopath Test.

Saw Arthur Miller’s A View From a Bridge. Inspired me to want to write a play

Started writing Unlikey Assassins

Adam Quesnell stayed at the house

Did my first VR comedy show


Donated blood, felt great to give back

Both Ethan and Bowers came out to LA.

Opened for Dave Chappelle at the Blind Barber

Told a girl I actually cared about her

Found Yin style yoga

Performed at The Icehouse

Met Ron Jermey

Got my recording equipment for Jokology

The punter for the Indianapolis colts (Pat McAfee) flew me to indy to do charity event

Performed at the new Morty’s in Indy

Met Ms. Pat in Indy at Morty’s

Got to go home to MN for Christmas.

Went to the Sun Shine Depot in Elk River with Tim Gabrielson


Looking forward to 2017!!!!

Meet more friends

Finish Heist Is Right

Figure out my relationship to stand-up in Los Angeles

Find lit manager/agent/lawyer

Travel to more places

Do more classes

Read more books

See more plays

Watch more live music

Finish projects

Shoot Unlikely Assassins

Relax more

Meditate more

Be more grateful, more often

Eat less shitty food

Be better to my body

Write a Play

Take UCB 201

Take a non-screenwriting writing class

Be of service to others

Find ways to give back

Get more family to visit Los Angeles

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2 Responses to Screw you, 2016 was my best year yet!

  1. Allen Gutterman says:

    congrats nick. really glad to have met you last year. an even better 2017. you’rw very talented. stay true to yourself.

  2. Allen Gutterman says:

    congrats on a great year. keep moving forward and always be true to yourself…exceot when you have to make conpromises. here#s to an even bigger and better 2017.

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