#1 Free Comedy Show in L.A.

We would like to thank  and the good people over at WE LIKE LA for ranking The Secret Show at The Blind Barber the #1 free comedy show in Los Angeles. This is a huge honor because the other shows on the list are all incredible. BIG thanks to everyone who has made the last 2 years possible. The next show is this Monday Nov. 24th. This show is SOLD OUT. If you would like to be on the list for future shows please e-mail: BarberSecretShow@gmail.com

The Article: http://www.welikela.com/best-free-comedy-shows-los-angeles/

1. The Blind Barber Secret Show
2. Comedy Living Room
3. The Grind at Mi’s Westside Comedy Theater
4. Fringe with JC Coccoli
5. Sleepaway Camp
7. The BrewHAHA: The Comedy Show Drinking Game
8. Power Violence
9. Prom Night
10. Your Local Late Night TV Comedy Show (i.e. CONAN or Tonight Show)

The Secret Show at The Blind Barber is produced by:
Andy Peters
Dave Waite
Grant Lyon
Nicholas Anthony

For more information on Kate Maier please visit: www.kmmaier.com

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