Laughing Derby in Louisville


Last weekend Sept. 24-26th I returned to Louisville, KY to preform at the Laughing Derby Comedy Club. This is significant to me because I lived there for over a year (from 2009 to 2010) and I haven’t been back in over 3 years. It’s like a second hometown. When I lived there I was new to headlining and my a lot of my writing was informed by the their specific audiences. Going back this last weekend was an eye opener. Since I’ve lived in Los Angeles I’ve really tried to focus on the ‘next level’ of joke writing. Being back in Louisville made me feel like I was regressing. The audiences seemed to really enjoy my least creative material and any time I would try to challenge them with a new idea they really clammed up. In fairness, maybe these new ideas are also new jokes and I need to just keep working on them so I can learn how to get these more complicated ideas across to even the least interested crowds. It’s weird to feel like you are going backwards but that’s exactly how I felt. Hopefully I can go back some day soon and draw the types of crowds that will enjoy more challenging/creative humor.

Here is a nice article my good buddy Brent Owen wrote up: LEO Article

Thanks again for having me Louisville. Part of me will always love that town.

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