NYC: 14 shows in 10 days!


So the plan was to celebrate my 10-year anniversary of doing stand-up by going to New York City and doing 10 shows in 10 days. It quickly became 15 shows, but the blizzard forced us to cancel one show, so the total tally ended up being 14 shows in 10 days. Here is how the sets break down:

Sets 1 & 2: Both of these shows were at The Laughing Devil in Long Island City (One subway stop off of Manhattan).

Sets 3 & 4: The Laughing Devil had “front of the line” passes for America’s Got Talent auditions. So my good friend Joe Cocozzello decide to go. We didn’t want to go sober, but sadly we did. We both got passed and both got seen by the actual casting director. Crazy, but fun day.


Sets 5 & 6: Back to The Laughing Devil to headline 2 more shows.

Set 7: Was at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club. Let me start off by saying I didn’t even know this place was still a club. I was very skeptical of what I might find but ended up really liking the place. I was love to do my first special there.


Set 8: “No Malice Palice” open mic in DT New York. Hosted by Will Winner, had a great time.

Set 9: Back to Dangerfield’s.

Set 10: (See below) Thanks to Joe Pranio I ended up hosting a casino gig in Yonkers. They picked us up in a SUV and dropped off. Gave us free food and drink and it was a great crowd.


Set 11: Back at Dangerfield’s

Set 12: An open mic near Harlem

Set 13 should have been the secret weed show but the blizzard Nemo had other plans. So…

Set 13: Ended up being Joe’s Pine Box show. They call the bar the Pine Box because the building used to be a casket factory.

20130212-175626.jpg       20130212-175821.jpg

Set 14: One last set at The Laughing Devil and a great pic.


During the week my cousin Bob also showed me around town to some of the coolest jazz clubs in the city. Big thank for that. I had an amazing week. Can’t wait to go back.






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